Who We Are

We are a non-denominational church committed to being genuine
followers of Jesus Christ. We want to be a church full of hope, faith,
and love. We want to be a "family of God" in the deepest sense.

One thing that we have discovered about Jesus is that He is
concerned about people -- all people.

Jesus cares about YOU. He cares about your hurts,
your joys, your relationships and your future
and so do we.

Our Mission Statement

To worship our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ
in the power of the Holy Spirit.

To have fellowship with other Believers sharing our blessings and sorrows,

encouraging each other to good works.

To evangelize the lost in Lenwood and the surrounding area, and to teach

and disciple Believers to maturity.

To support missionaries called of God to fields of service.

To minister to those in need as demonstration of Christ's love.

Our Purpose Statement

To glorify God through worship, works within the community and
surrounding areas, fellowship with others of like belief, outreach to
all people in whatever way the Lord directs our path, and
proclaiming the existence of the Triune God.

Maintain in this community a testimony to the historic Christian Faith as

set forth in the word of God.

Preach the word of God to the edification and instruction of its

members and other Believers.

To be instrumental of the Holy Spirit in the salvation of souls.

Help Christians develop in the spiritual life.

Instruct in the scriptures.

Aid in any way possible the furtherance of the Gospel ministry on

both home and foreign fields.

Being non-denominational
, we are entirely free from any

denominational requirements.

It is our desire to be a unifying factor in the community.

Our Partnership

Since 1969, Lenwood Community Church has and continues to work in a
partner relationship with Village Missions. Village Missions is not a denomination,
nor is it supported by a denomination, but is an independent missionary organization
that provides pastoral leadership to requesting independent non-denominational rural churches
within the Continental United States, Canada and Alaska.

Since the opening of the church, all full time Pastoral Leadership at
Lenwood Community Church has been provided by Village Missions and
this is a relationship that we greatly value and look forward to continuing
in the coming years.




For more information concerning Village Missions,
please click on the link below